Wine Aging Cellar

Terroir wine cellars are outfitted with exceptional storage capacity and cooling features — they are premium products for which the sense of design was pursued.

Custom-Made to Suit the Conditions Where the Cellar is Installed

Even as we pursue a shape and display that fits the conditions of where the cellar is going to be installed, the cellars are equipped with exceptional storage capacity. The cooling unit system specially designed for each cellar also makes our cellars ideal for storing and aging at the right temperatures and humidity levels.
It is said that light and vibrations have to be taken into consideration with wine. We can also provide devices and anti-vibration equipment that deliver low-vibration and low noise along with our lighting plan that strikes a balance with the cellar's outward appearance.

A Cooling System Optimized for Wine Aging

Terroir custom-made wine cellars feature a cooling system that was specially designed for each cellar. The cooling system maintains temperature and humidity levels that are optimal for wine throughout the year.
Cool, humid air circulates gently through the inside of the cellar from the cooling system, making the cellar perfect for those who do not want cool air to directly come in contact with the wine.
The temperature settings can be changed in increments of 1℃ while humidity settings can be changed in increments of 10%, enabling support for the customer's preferred temperature settings depending on factors such as the types of wine being aged.

■The cooling system
The cooling system
■Temperature zone suitable for wine aging(Example)

Air Environment Optimal for Aging

Terroir custom-made wine cellars introduce an air purification system originally developed by us which keeps the condition of the air inside the cellar in optimal condition while aging wine over long-periods of time spanning decades.

■TAS(Terroir Air Stabilizer)
■Verification of in-house research facility
◇Odor judgment
  Odor intensity
(6 stages of the 0-5)
Comfort & Discomfort level
(9 stage of +4 to -4)
Before installation 4(Strength) -3(Discomfort)
After installation 1(None) 1(Somewhat comfortable)
◇Sick analysis
  Formaldehydeormaldehyde Acetaldehyde
Before installation 11 53
After installation less than10 8
※Other items (toluene, etc.), is less than the measurement limit.)
■Verification result

In the comparison of general wine cellar and Terroir cellar in the environment of, people of Terroir odor and air quality level was a result of the very good.
It was a decision that said that the general living environment or more in comfort.

This advanced system allows the wine to age peacefully right up to the highly anticipated moment that the cork is finally removed.

Noise Reduction & Anti-Vibration

By featuring a low-vibration, low-noise compressor, Terroir wine cellars are designed in a way to reduce noise and prevent vibration.
In installation environments where there is a demand for silence such as in a location near the living quarters of a home or villa, we can provide a wine cellar that features low-vibration and low-noise, and is infinitely near complete silence.

UV-Reducing / Highly-Insulating, Heat Shielding Feature Glass

Our cellars feature double-pane glass that has special insulating and heat shielding properties which reduce ultraviolet rays.
The glass protects valuable wine — which is said to be sensitive to ultraviolet rays and high temperatures — and inhibits condensation inside of the cellar, making it possible to have a constantly clear display.

Addressing How to Display the Wine

Making all or part of a wall into glass enables an appearance mirroring the display of a shop, making Terroir wine cellars perfect for individuals who always want to see or live closer to wine.
At the same time, we also offer suggestions on finishing touches inside of the cellar and wine cabinets. We take on special designs in accordance with customer demands such as "I'd like to see wine through part glass," and "I would like to display my wine in a bottle rack like such and such."


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