Product Summary

We provide wine aging cellars of the same quality as the basement wine cellar storage environments of wineries.

Terroir creates one of a kind wine cellars just for you that fit your tastes perfectly, which just cannot be found with pre-assembled products.  


Are you concerned about where to install your wine cellar? Terroir wine cellars are completely built-to-order.
The location of installation varies from customer to customer.
We provide suggestions on the ideal shape and size for the given spot. Naturally, we manufacture the wine cellar only after discussion upon discussion with the customer until the customer is satisfied.
In addition, Terroir wine cellars are hand-crafted by seasoned craftsmen.
By painstakingly crafting down to the finest details with the devotion of all of their energies, our craftsmen produce a wine cellar just for you with a distinct beauty and taste.  

Temperature and Humidity Control Optimized for Aging

Terroir wine cellars manage temperature and humidity levels optimized for aging.
Through the cooling system designed exclusively for each customer, we deliver a storage environment that is suitable for red wine, white wine, champagne, and more, respectively.
Of course, we deliver the wine cellars to our customers only after conducting performance validation tests prior to shipment.


Air Environment Optimal for Aging

Terroir custom-made wine cellars feature an originally developed air purification system that keeps the air inside of the cellar in optimal condition even over long-term aging of wine that spans decades.


With respect to design aspects such as how the wine bottles are displayed and the material of the cabinets, we design the wine cellars specifically to mesh with the customer's image as we ask them about their requests.
For instance, when consulting with customers we may field concerns like: "I am not sure much wine can be stored since we have limited space." Even with respect to such concerns, we use the know-how built up by Terroir and offer wine cellars capable of storing more wine.

Running Costs

It is not true that running costs double when cellar volume doubles in size, allowing running costs to be held down by bringing together multiple cellars into one high-volume wine cellar.
What's more, Terroir wine cellars feature an exclusive design that excels in terms of cooling efficiency and insulation performance, delivering even lower running costs than typical pre-assembled wine storage units and making Terroir wine cellars unparalleled on the front of running costs, too.

After Sales Service

Terroir products are specially-designed and feature high-quality design, making them generally insulated from failure even over long-term use.
However, in the rare event of any issues or failures, our dedicated service leaders will respond promptly. We also welcome questions concerning regular maintenance, so please feel free to contact us.
We also provide advice on topics such as how to place and display our efficient cabinets and cut down on electricity use. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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